Monday, July 27, 2015


Hey all! ok i finally have a few minutes to write an update!!!!!

I am LOVING the mission!!! Nothing new there. Its my second transfer in this area and with my same companion, Hermana Jimenez. We have a ton of unity and we love teaching together, sometimes before i can say something she  says the exact thing I was about to say, the Spirit is truly working through us to testify to the people here!!! What a blessing.
The two sisters :)
David is coming up on a month as a member?!?!?! wHoA! His baptism was so amazing. First, he was SUPER nervous ! We put on the program at the very end 'testimony' because here, often the person who gets baptized gives a short little testimony about how they feel, but he told us he thought he might be too nervous, so we didnt put his name, just 'testimony'. well, as we were about to end the baptismal service he was waving his hand at us. oblivious, we smiled and waved back HAHAH, then we realized OH he wants to get up and say something. his testimony was so full of conviction, i had tears streaming down my face. he bore his testimony about everything from changing his life to live the Word of Wisdom, to how all the people he thought were his friends have abandoned him but that the people in teh church have welcomed him with open arms!!!!  He is still doing great and we talked to him yesterday about doing family history work, which reminds me

THIS MONTH the MEXICO CITY TEMPLE (closest one to puebla) is having their doors open for 3 weeks, followed by t he RE DEDICATION!!! the faithful saints here have been waiting over a year for the remodel to be finished. they currently drive hours to get to another one. it is so cool being able to invite everyone that we visit (be it members or non members) to take advantage of this opportunity and see the inside of the temple and feel the peace that surrounds us there!!!! and how great that after september itll be so much closer when the ward does temple trips. man did i take for granted all the temples in utah!!!

we also brought a less active member to the family history center, i was so stoked about it! its a 70 year old cute grandpa , we helped him make his family tree on FamilySearch but he got excited about looking for some documents so he can find more information. i love the family history center here in our stake center, the computer had a slideshow of all the temples in the world and when i saw the Draper temple i just couldnt believe that a little over a year ago I went there for the first time!!! I really miss going to the temple!! I hope you all can take advantage of how close we are to them and GO! RUN TO THE TEMPLE HAHA!

We have another investigator with a baptism date named Luis. Hes a rough around the edges mechanic  who has completely taken us by surprise with his change of attitude. he went from not even wanting to see us in his house to waking up to get to our church services that start at 8 every Sunday....sometimes the investigators just blow me away. 

Well theres so much more but thats all i have time for!!!! I love you all and it makes me happy to see your smiling faces!!!!

Hermana Besttttt

Monday, July 20, 2015


She's a chef!

"I randomly now like to cook. I made arroz con leche (sweet...rice?) with mangos that we bought at the market. Using our fancy grill that only works on one side. "

Monday, July 13, 2015


Another picture week:

"We went to 'Centro' (downtown? forgetting english) this past Monday with our sister leaders (one is one of my absolute best friends from the mission/mtc- totally lucky to have her as a leader!) this was a cute little place to eat although we felt a little out of place in the atmosphere with our dresses and gaffets hahah, im going to feel like an alien when i get home. I ate mediocre sushi. We went to cute little artesian boutiques but i'm a poor missionary, will have to explore that stuff later! I bought a new bag because the other day while walking my bag burst at the seams and just plopped on the ground with all my books, it was a good laugh. My comp and I are like sisters :) "

Monday, July 6, 2015


Here is what we have from Lauren this week...
"The lightest pic we have right now of DAVIDS BAPTISM. He looks sad but he was just a little nervous before haha."
Disclaimer: I did what I could, but Lauren's companion did not fare well in this photo :/ She looks lovely in the photos below though!
The dynamic duo with a previous sister missionary in the ward.
"This is the day of David's confirmation. Not sure why he's lookin angry, we're always joking with him. He's not a fan of pictures I guess."
"This is a family that moved out of the ward sadly (and we moved into their house haha) but we still see them at church. The Mom took care of us like one of her own. I love all of the people that have become my 'family' on the mission!!!"