Monday, December 29, 2014


Greetings from Atlixco! Pronounced At-lees-ko. The last two p-days have been CRAZY with no time to write a group update but Im here!!!!  Dang, it was hard to leave my companera Hermana Cardus!!!! I never thought Id have a best friend from Argentina. But its time for new adventures!!!! Atlixco is known for having an UNBELIEVABLY beautiful climate- and its true! IT basically looks and feels like California here. When I got here I was super distracted. You have to keep in mind that my old area was just 3 neighborhoods. Its like always dreaming of the U.S. then getting there and going straight to Provo and walking around 3 neighborhoods there for 6 months hahaha what made it special was the PEOPLE! I miss them and hope they{re doing well.

"A cool old chapel here"

My companera is Hermana Hernandez- my first companion thats older than me! She{s 24 and a convert of 5 years. She is from Northern Mexico, also weirdly enough my first companion from Meh-hee-ko. Shes not as fascinated by all the Mexican things that amuse me every day. I still laugh when the people shout out what theyre selling or wave what theyre selling in my face saying 'look white girl look!' hahah its totally normal to her. When I first got here I was so distracted. You{ve got the cool old historic stuff in the background
"A rare, relaxing moment on Monday in a member's cool garden writing letters with a cat asleep in my lap (i was in heaven!)"
And then the cool downtown ish part with people selling a million things. Also the center of town looks like disneyland. Seriously the first week here I was just looking around at all the million distractions and then Id have to realize to come back down to earth haha.

Well, supposedly this area is 'difficult'. Its definitely not my last area. BUT it all depends on our attitude. Since I got here 3 weeks ago weve actually found a bunch of new people to teach! we had a lesson on xmas eve!!! Things are not so bad people! (not sure why I feel like shouting happily in my email today) Here, december 24 is more of the thing to celebrate, normally they have a big ol feast starting at like 9 pm. Christmas here isn{t a tranquil time with your family. Its a big FIESTA.  well missionaries cant be ouT feasting at night haha but our president gave us permission to stay out a teensy bit later than normal (whoa its gettin wild here haha) and I really enjoyed the family we got to spend it with, they just got baptized a few weeks ago. If youre wondering what we ate, it was indeed TACOS haha.

Yes, I got to Skype with my family for Xmas. It was wonderful!!!!! It was strange to see everyone and talk to them!!! can{t believe its been over 7 months. I want my family to see all the amazing stuff here! THe food is even BETTER in this area! Thank you for all your emails and christmas wishes. My mom sent me a package with a ton of awesome stuff and I was a little saddened by how excited I got at bug spray. Its the little things on the mish haha!!! Love you all! Keep those emails comin.

Monday, December 22, 2014

WEEKS 30-31

Hermana Best sent some pictures last week of one of her very special converts. Hope she'll have an email soon but until then... 

Monday, December 8, 2014


Yep, we received The Call last night, I am leaving the area!!!!! For me it was the perfect amount of time here. I have met many amazing people that I consider my family, its been amazing to spend half my year here in Castillotla. Today I have been saying goodbye to everyone.

Saying goodbye!
I have learned a lot here, things that I will take with me to my other areas on the mission, as well as 'la vida normal' after. 

We had Fernanda{s baptism! It was amazing. I don{t have any pictures right now, my companions pictures all got erased :-| but Fernanda has some. For me it was a very very special baptism. My convert from August has been called as Ward Mission Leader, and directed the baptism. To see someone that has only been a member for a few months in charge of the baptism, filling the font, talking to the family, and very content and addressing Fernanda in the baptism telling her how this is going to bless her life really blew me away. Also, Leslie who was baptised last week bore her testimony yesterday. All of the converts here have really impacted me, they are amazing examples for me. 

 Here's a little taste of Christmas in Mexico. These are some crazy kids that we have an inside joke with, hence the weird expressions. 

Feliz Navidad! 
I am praying that I can get accustomed in my new area starting tomorrow, we{ll see who my companion is -ahhhh!!!! I know whatever comes my way will be for my good and that I will learn a lot. 

Love you all, siempre estoy orando para ustedes. Se que este evangelio es el camino. Es la unica manera ser realmente feliz. Amo a mi Padre Celestial y su Hijo, Jesucristo. Cuidense mucho, hasta la proxima semana

Hermana Best

Monday, December 1, 2014


YAyyyyy!!!! We are very happy that Leslie was baptized!!!! all of her family came to support her. it was really special. This doesn't mean that were kicking up our feet to rest - we have another baptism this weekend!!! Whew!!! I still have been hit really really hard with allergies, just barely talked more with the doctor in our mission and bought more medicine. Im not really sure exactly what it is in the air or plants or what but its not super fun. Oh well, the work goes on.

Leslie's baptism :)
They were locked out but Leslie went to get a ladder from her neighbors so they could teach her. What a golden investigator!
Well see what happens this sunday if i'm STILL going to stay in this area, or if im off to a new zone for a new adventure. don't have much to report we've been working like crazy to get everything ready for leslies baptism, and now again with the baptism of Fernanda. my class in the district meeting went well and everyone participated- what a relief. My companion and I are two peas in a pod and share the exact same sense of humor.

Two peas in a pod
we didnt do anything for thanksgiving it doesnt exist here haha. i cant believe this month i get to talk to my family!!! im very grateful for them and excited to see them face to face. i love you all and will write more next week. xoxo

Hermana Best

Artistic graffiti
"A guy that walks around with this on his head saying 'Meringueees'"