Monday, June 30, 2014


OK easy to summarize the first week in Mexico....not. 

Well of course when we got to Puebla it was raining. The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent me to a part of Mexico when it rains a ton. Sometimes I see the dark clouds and say I hope it rains! And my trainer says she hopes it doesn´t haha. I´m getting ahead of myself. The first night was so strange, it was super late so we stayed with random companionships. One of the hermanas I was with kind of scared me a little bit about pretty much everything that could go wrong in  Mexico ha but it´s really been fine! The next day was transfers and finding out who our companions are. I thought for SURE I would have a latina trainer, but nope, she is a 20 year old white girl from Saint George! She is 20 and actually played in the symphony at Dixie like I did, but I had already left the school, weird huh? OK the keyboards here are different and I´m struggling.

I found out right away that we need to move! Super normal to be in charge of moving houses when you´re new to foreign country haha! But yeah a lot of things don´t work in the house. We actually didn´t have even cold water one day. or rain. just nothing. Surprisingly, I wasn´t too freaked out by using buckets to shower (probably because hermana hymas in my district in the mtc had warned us and i drilled into my head for weeks to be prepared for it)
the new house will have warm water.

Finding the new house was one of the coolest days i´ve had here in mexico so far. I saw this sign that said for rent and we both had a good feeling about it and figured it couldnt hurt to call. It all started just working out perfectly. The guy renting the house is catholic and really respects that we´re christians and out preaching the word. So the day started with us teaching one of our investigators, Max. In the first week, one of the goals is for the junior companion to ask investigators to be baptized. So my trainer nudged me in the lesson and for some reason I didn´t have any fear about asking Max to prepare to be baptized. We set a date for July 12 and I hope it works out, she was tearing up and the Spirit was really strong. So my companion and I floated on a cloud out of that lesson. Then, we had the zone leaders come down because they need to approve the house. The thing is, the church doesn´t want us signing contracts because we eventually leave. So the zone leaders and Humberto, the man renting the house, were having this exchange. And finally he just puts the contract down, looks at our name plaques that say JESUCRISTO in the middle and says ok then, we´ll just rent the house in the name of Jesus Christ? It was INCREDIBLE, wow we are experiencing miracles as missionaries. We were supposed to move in today, using a camion (somewhere between a big van and a bus) driven by a nice man that offered to help us, but he didn´t show up. So we´re hoping to move in tomorrow. Oh and after we were super excited about the house I got to try MOLE AND I LOVE IT!!! My trainer is not a fan hahah but Puebla is famous for it so I felt bad but when the people preparing the food asked what we wanted I asked if we could please try it. I have no idea why a chocolatey sauce on chicken and rice is so appetizing to me, but it is! 

Its pretty difficult getting adjusted to everything! im having a pretty bad allergic reaction to a ton of mosquito bites. We kind of werent doing anything about it but then I got a blessing and then the NEW MISSION PRESIDENTS ARRIVED! and we found out the mission presidents wife is a nurse so she looked at it and said yes, lets have you talk to the doctor. I got some medicine today so hopefully the swelling starts going down! other than that having no problems with sleeping or eating or anything like that. i feel very mentally, physically, and emotionally strong on my mission. What a blessing

This next week will be better because the new house we´re in is actually close to our investigators and the other members, way less walking or spending money on combis and camiones. The camiones are CRAZY, the craziest driving I have ever experienced haha it´s pretty funny. Everyone stares, I´m definitely the only blonde head bobbing around for miles. 

Everyone is really open to the message! A guy even approached US on the street the other day. I was smiling so big. my trainer said that in another area she had a man come up to her and say 'excuse me, do you know how i could get closer to god?'. The Lord has really been preparing the hearts of a lot of these people. When we teach things they never look confused or say  nooo thats not how it is. Even though they were taught differently in the catholic church, theyre very open to the message and always tell us how beautiful it is. They love the hymns too. 'que bonita, que bonita'.

my language haha. Its coming along! I get really nervous about talking. i can understand mayabe 75 percent. Its a lot to think about,trying to capture the attention of both adults, and kids, in a culture with a different sense of humor and different customs, and of course, trying to bring the Spirit into their house, because that´s what were here to do. But theyre very patient, and with a couple of the members ive started to understand their jokes. When this one was talking about 'meekol yackson' (michael jackson) we were all laughing so hard. at the least, its really funny that im the awkward white girl with the deer in the headlights face when i get asked a question in super fast spanish

sorry that this email is all over the place, next p day when were not moving will be better. i love it here and its soo fun living in mexico! the Lord is watching over me, and guiding my trainer and I to find the right people. 

Send me Dear Elders! I think the district leaders will give them to me every tuesday at district meetings. I dont have my planner with ALL of my mtc peoples addresses im really sad and its kind of rushed and complicated. hermana hymas if you get this, can you forward it to the other girls and to hermana tew and hermana gibson?

also, didnt know what the situation was with cameras and cords, its so crazy, so ill have to upload pictures next monday ugh im sad! but its ok
Thank you for your prayers and your faith. Love you all! 

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