Monday, July 14, 2014


Wow after this week I will have lived in mexico for a month... thats not real! This keyboar is AWFUL so you´ll just have to excuse any weird typos haha. My mission is really picking up speed. I think around week two I kind of started day dreaming of home because  I had gotten over the shock of being in a new culture. And when you do that the time is slow. So I decided to start really focusing here and man the days are FLYING by. Exact obedience brings real blessings.

View of the active volcano
A little sighseeing
Nice sign
This past week I asked two people to be baptized and they both said yes! One is a really timid girl that cleans the house of a member in our ward. I think this girl doesn´t realize how special she is and feels tha tshe is worthless. My trainer had the idea to show her the video the Touch of the Masters hand and she said later how much she related to that. That the old, scratched violin has so much worth when the maker plays it. The other woman I asked the first time we ever visited with her.  IT was so crazy because in my studies with my trainer we did a practice for this and it literally went exactly the way that practice did.She said wow that´s a little fast to be baptized next month. I assured her she could be ready in that amount of time and she said ok! Right after there ewas a huge clap of thunder and a downpour happened. When we left the house it was me, my trainer, and the member that had accompanied us running home to the members house in the rain and I was just so happy. just pure HAPPINESS in that moment. 

Not sure what this building is, but she looks happy :)
I read a really great talk during my studies by Elder Richar G. Scott called ´living a life of peace, joy, and purpose´. i encourage you to find it and read it it is so useful for people of all stages of life. in it it explains that ´character is the manifestation of what you are becoming. your character will be the yardstick God will use to determine how well you have used your mortal life.´i also found interesting that it said character isnt developed in moments of great challenge or temptation- THAT IS WHEN IT IS USED. 

I know there are some things about myself i dont like . and that through jesus christ i can work towards having great character. so can everyone else. but it´s poco a poco, we shouldn´t expect these grand changes over night.

Ive attached some pictures. A couple are from going into the city to do more things for my visa. my trainer is more of a small town girl but im always freaking out when we go ito the city ' look at that! look ta that! we live in mexico! WERE SO LUCKY!' she just laughs.

Hermana Best with her trainer
Anyway, my area is not where all the cool buildings and huge door are, but hopefully one day i will get to see it more.  can you guess which missionary gets really excited about dark clouds? haha. 

Dawning the raincoat
Heavy rain/flooding
Excited about the dark clouds!
I think that is her trainer, but I'm not positive
oh i tried cactus this week! not a huge fan but it wasnt awful. also had pasole with pigs foot....not super into that either. but still havent felt sick or anything like that. all the rainy pics are in my area. i love it here.

Probably cactus paddle...
Not positive what she is holding here... Looks delicious!
plz email me how you´re doing. love you all. 

Hermana Best's zone!

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