Monday, January 19, 2015


Well, I blinked and 6 weeks passed by again and its time for ...transfers!!! (I have never said the word transfers in my mission, that was weird. we say cambios). But this time Im staying and my comp, Hermana Hernandez is leaving! 

I am so grateful to have had this cambio, it was one of a LOT of personal and spiritual growth. My comp and I are two extremely different people, but we shared the same faith and same love for missionary work, and I learned a lot from her!!! She is a very hard worker, and even though this area doesnt have as much success as a lot of other areas in this mission she keeps working hard until the last minute of the day. 

You should have seen me in weekly planning trying to memorize where everything is. The hardest thing about this area is when I got here it was the holidays, and people were selling things every day and they put these tarps over their little areas, so you actually feel like youre indoors. as soon as 6 of january passed they took it all down and i was like 'where are we?' and my comp would tell me 'its the same street, it just looks different!' OH NO hahah. so in weekly planning i was looking like a crazy person, scribbling a bunch of different maps A Beautiful Mind style, circling things and sketching lines 'if i go here do i turn HERE or is it later?!?!' hahah. I know if I do my part the Lord will make up for the things I dont exactly understand here. 

One super fun part of the work right now is that were working on a Ward Mission Activity. In Xmas we had a choir of 100 voices and we were pleasantly surprised that a lot of people walked in from off the street to listen to it, and now a lot of us missionaries in the zone are teaching them. Our ward mission leader decided now on a sketch type thing. Usually Im skeptical about this sort of thing, but he wrote a decently funny spin on Back to the Future about visiting prophets. The most hilarious part ist there are literally people in our ward that weve secured as 'actors' that look exactly how you would imagine Moses, Nephi, Joseph Smith, etc. Weve been working like crazy on the invitations, props, etc., hoping that everyone in the ward will INVITE their friends and that we can get some more references from this activity!!!

"Super weird two person workout machine at a members house, trying it out with my companion. Supposedly the part I'm on is for love handles, you stand and spin on it."
Yes, i am looking really different with my hair growing out. the other day the ward mission leader said 'hermana best i need you to....are you hermana best?' (dead serious, not a joke) me 'yes...'  him hesitating 'oh....have you always had brown hair?' haha YES I KNOW PEOPLE. 

im excited for what the next cambio will bring!!! tomorrow my new comp gets assigned to me!!! wish me luck navigating through these crazy streets. The church is true! The mission is the best!!! 

Hermana Best wanted to add these photos of her OLD district, not the current district with transfers tomorrow.
"We were super International! Dominican Republic (leader), Federal District (Mexico), Peru, Chile, Argentina, U.S.!"
"My fave district"
"Describes us PERFECTLY"

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