Monday, June 22, 2015

WEEKS 56-57

A couple pics to tide us over until an update next week!

"A pic a lady in the ward finally sent me from Atlixco. These are the kids of the family we lived with!!!! the little one, Diego is 6 years old and is SO intelligent and spiritual!!!! he loves the Book of Mormon we gave him and can explain what all the images are in the beginning (joseph smith, nephi, burying the plates, etc). sometimes when he talked he would just say these super profound things and my companion and i would look at each other, we couldnt help it. an hermana from my old ward emailed me and said that the older one has a baptism date!!!! it was so fun going to church with them (parents didnt go), they have great faith!!!! "

"A blurry foto of me and my comp after the Zone Conference. " 

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