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THANK YOU thank you thank you for writing me I was worried when I got on that no one would have sent me an email and I had 14 emails from my beloved friends and family updating me on hilarious things and expressing their love- I'm in the computer lab laughing and crying and no one else is making a sound.

I've tried my best to write down my week, it's in three different days of summary- holy cow no missionary was kidding when they said there's limited time!!! If I don't write it down each day I can't think of it when I sit down at the lab, so it's in a diary format.  I miss you all a lot! OK

Day 1
Ah! Es un milagro- entiendo mucho espanol! Que bueno! [trans: Wow! It's a miracle! I understand a lot of Spanish! Very good/ How great!]
I REALLY like it here! Long days though! Today my friends and family will be shocked to hear that my 'compenera', Sister Slack's alarm went off at 6:20 A.M. and we both sat right up and looked at each other hahaha. So funny now but in the moment it was just...alarming. (heh). So then I fell asleep for 5 minutes, then Sister Slack, as I told her to, just said "Hermana Best..." and I WOKE UP!
6:25-7:10 got ready
7:15-7:45- Breakfast- I actually don't mind the food here AT ALL! I love not worrying about buying groceries or cooking (roommates will attest), and the only gross thing is the eggs which I don't eat anyway. No matter what there's a salad bar, fruit, and soup and such. They serve things like bbq sandwhiches, rotisserie chicken, fake asian- fasian as I call it-, so no complaints there! 
7:45-11:45- CLASS. I LOVE MY TEACHER, HERMANO GLOCK! He is sooo patient and helpful. He's a few years older than us, and married to the girl that introduced him to the church when he was 16- ah what a great person he is. I can understand mostly everything he says- oh- did I mention he doesn't speak any English? About 4 of us (6 in the 'district', aka apartment) understand it from high school classes, but 2 of the girls need a little extra help. All those high school classes where my teachers only spoke spanish paid off. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE SPANISH!!!!
We are on the West Campus which means Spanish speaking missions only. Ah what a blast. When you walk around it's a bunch of white kids saying 'hola!' Oh my goodness everyone is SO YOUNG! THESE BOYS ARE YOUNGER THAN LOGAN! Oh yeah and when I got to the MTC my 'host' who helps me get all set here was my best friend ruben ahhhhh bendiciones!!! (blessings) I was tearing up. I also saw Elder Brown (Carly and Annie know him as DALLAS). These are the only people I've recognized. When the lady went to put my name tag on I was crying and she said 'ohh now you're getting me teary eyed too. It is an honor to put your badge on'. Can I just say i LOOOOOVE WEARING MY NAME TAG.
My apartment has 6 girls-I love them all! They're from UT, UT, UT, CA, AND Las Vegas. They are all 19 and I"m 22 haha! My compenera's name is Sister Slack- she is the quiet one but I love that about her. There is sooo much going on- so much information and activities my brain has been racing and I"m just so glad I don't have a hyperactive companion right now. She had a huge blister for days and didn't even complain- I need to have an example liek that. The best part is we're working towards the same goal.
I have to write one talk a week in Spanish and they choose people at random to speak in sacrament meeting- I guess this helps when you get into the field and have 6 talks ready!  

Tomorrow is Sunday! The days are crazy here. They're long because they are SIXTEEN HOURS but short because we are HAPPY doing the work! I'm not talking fake it til you make it happy- I'm talking true happiness! I am over the moooon about learning. Having not been in school for a year has been somewhat of a bummer for me and I just can't get enough. It's a lot to learn- first of all the Spanish, second how to teach the gospel, all the ways of the MTC, getting to know people, etc etc. Of course for Lauren the Planner it's heaven- you even have to plan out what you'll do within the HOUR of your personal study, companion study, and language study. Gosh I love it. I thrive in structure. My district has gotten much closer since a night we were allowed to leave early and we walked to the creamery over here and all got ice cream cones. A lot of us share a similar sense of humor. Like one truly doubled over laughing when I told her about 'the bread'. My favorite part of the MTC right now is our 'investigator'. I'm not sure why no RM told me about this part of the MTC but we teach people that we don't know if they're real investigators or members. Our is named Gregorio and we love teaching him. Keep in mind we have already taught him two lessons ENTIRELY IN SPANISH- NO ENGLISH ALLOWED! and today was our 3rd FULL day at the MTC....this place is loco! It's the definition of immersion but I know there's no other way and the Lord inspires the organization and the program here. Today in my lesson with Gregorio I was choked up...did not expect that! This happens when you speak from the heart, and not something rehearsed- Heavenly Father just helped me with the words and the concept...que magnifico. I was overwhelmed. THANK YOU SISTER PEERS FOR THE PACKAGE! I got it the day I was writing a letter to home saying I would like some snacks!!! And then you sent me snacks!!!! I read the Ensign article you told me to on the treadmill- I'm so grateful you sent me that magazine, it makes my workout 10x better. 

Yesterday Gregorio walked into our classroom...and as I predicted, the white freckly redhead was not, in fact, from Vera Cruz haha but is our new teacher! None of the girls would believe me! Only sometimes do I feel older than them, it's odd to me that some of them haven't even gone to college, and have only been out of highschool since last May, or only done a semester or two at BYU Idaho and such. I have lived this whole other life while they were in high school ha. But it literally never gets to me- I am so happy to be here. The love and feeling of missing I have for all my family and friends is not like I thought it would be. It brings a smile to my face, it doesn't make me homesick homesick, which is good. I talk about you guys all the time and all the girls in my district really appreciate the humor. The highlight of the MTC so far has been them, teaching in Spanish only, and then our first fireside. We first watched a video of Elder Bednar speaking to the missionaries on Xmas day a few years ago and then- can you believe it- he came out to the pulpit to speak with us. I have chills right now! The numbers in the MTC are reeeeally low right now- I always pictured that there would just be tons of people swarming- but I guess it'll really flood in later in the summer. So there I was, third row, listening to an apostle of the Lord- and he smiled at me! He did a Q&A session and people asked some great questions (thank goodness ha). He has kind of a no nonsense way about him which I appreciate- but also words things so eloquently and in a way I understand and REMEMBER. We were all very excited when he walked in and you could hear the 'whooosh' of everyone standing up. 

I know that this church is true. I cry here daily, no surprise, because I feel the Spirit SO strong, I have never experienced anything like this! I am doing my best to be all that I can be. I've been able to wake up on time and have strength and energy all day, I have more patience with people, and I try to follow all the rules- getting to bed by 1030 is probably the toughest. I'm the 'senior companion' so I also try to make sure we're focused and on track. Wow what a blessing to be here. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE DEAR ELDER ME. It is so fun when something comes in the mail. Just go to , make an account, it's free for you right now (so no excuses!!! ) and my address is on that picture the talented Mr. Packard made and the code is 846. 846 people, 846. They print it off and hand it to us and it just makes your day. I love you all more than you can imagine. I hope that this week you will read the book of mormon and really 'receive' it in your hearts. That's what Elder Bednar talked about. It's not just a story- it's how we receive inspiration. AH. I love it.

Hermana Best (ahhh!)

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