Thursday, May 29, 2014


DAY 14
Thank you everyone for your Dear Elders. My district has marveled at the amount of mail I get (don't let that stop you!). If you're wondering how it works, they print it off the day of, my zone leader checks mail twice a day, but we can't read it until we get home at night because its distracting. So I usually know by dinner time that someone loves me....just not sure who hahah. 

Our favorite missionary with the other sisters in her district :) Hermana Slack is Lauren's companion (on Lauren's left).

Things are still going well here- definitely over that first week bump. It was tough but worth it. Some highlights were...
-saying goodbye to Ruben at another devotional (not the Bednar one) GOOD LUCK IN MONGOLIA ELDER MEMMOTT! 
-Feeling the Spirit so strong in class
-Going to SLC! We had to go get another picture taken and then went in groups of four to talk to this woman about why we are going to Mexico...SOO common you guys. Picture the ultimate Mexican woman with dark lipstick and big hair and saying 'so joo guys are going to mexeeko? are joo guys going to be speaking spaneesh?' We had to show her we knew some spanish and my heart was racing. I think I did OK. Wearing my nametag in public for the first time was so weird-it felt fake! Everyone reacted to us because there were 20 going to SLC on TRAX- That's a lot of well-dressed, smiling teenagers with name tags ! My group, OF COURSE, didn't know which stop so we whizzed past the others....just lookin out the window at them as they throw their hands up. oops. It was fine, we just had to walk down a few blocks in SLC. My heel started bleeding already and there's some blood on my shoe. So lesson some moleskin/ bandaids because there's a lot more walking in my future.
-Hearing Russell M. Nelson speak at a devotional- and his wife! She had a message about being desperate. Sounds odd at first, but she just pointed out that sometimes we are desperate for things and that yields the results. And how we are all desperate to share the gospel. I know I am. I'm so desperate for other people to hear the gospel that I was sick of sitting around and am willing to give up a small chunk of my life so that all those wonderful families in Puebla can hear this glad message
- Being called as Music Coordinator for our zone. Both my companion and I received this calling on Sunday. I almost blurted out 'AWESOME!' to the Branch Presidency counselor because that's exactly the calling I would pick if I could!
-New missionaries arrived last night! It was weird because for a few days we were the only district in our crazy is it that we are now the 'veterans' in our zone. We're still new? There are 4 elders and 2 sisters- looking forward to making them feel welcome and excited. Those first few days are a whirlwind. 
-Seeing Amber's grandparents- Mami and Bapu (sp) at a devotional. Totally cried. They are wonderful, faithful people. 

Here is a picture "Mamoo" sent me

I'd like to share a scripture that really struck me from class tonight. Mosiah 25: 10-16. Please read it. How about verses 13-16 eh? So comforting. Even if we didn't cry unto the Lord, he'd still know the 'thoughts of our hearts.' I know we are all  experiencing this challenging life on Earth and we need help- the Lord will ease the burdens put on your shoulders that 'even you cannot feel them upon your backs.' It also says we should submit cheerfully because of this. >That's what I've had to do here. Some of the rules seem odd and some of the days here are so long but I just have to smile because I have the BEST district, I have a healthy body (I can workout, walk, and do my SUPER mini dance move since we can't dance- it's me shaking invisible maracas twice to the left and twice to the right with a Kristen Wiig-type face), a roof over my head, a bed, I get to scan a card and receive food, supportive family and friends and THE GOSPEL!

The times in my life where the gospel wasn't first were....alright. But the times where it is first are full of true happiness- a fulfilling life. Christ never shrunk inward- he turned out and reached out to others. We need to do that and we will be surprised how silly our problems seem. 

I have seen many examples of this at the MTC- our zone leader gave our branch president the wonderful compliment that all us girls' companion-ships work better together than they would on their own. I look around at our district and see girls that care about each other, ask how they can help, give each other a hug when they need it, and more. I also saw another example of this in a letter I received from my brother Logan. He has a new roommate that has had a difficult life, and Logan just sat down and talked with him. This is what Christ would do, sit down and be a friend. Thank you all for being wonderful examples to me. 

Here are some classy pictures from the past week:

We've got me and my companion Hermana Slack. She is WONDERFUL. We laugh a lot. 

Me in my new wardrobe being stoked about missionary work. 

Me in the classroom (it's an apartment in raintree) where I spend 9 hours a day learning Spanish and gospel doctrine. I can now recite the First Vision in espanol! 

Me in my classy gym outfit- I didn't really take the 'bring workout clothes' seriously so we got Logan's Capitol Records tshirt, sweats from highschool, and Annie's mismatched socks. The first couple days I wore church shoes, now I wear one of the other girl's size 6 tennis shoes (im a 7.5).   

My favorite is us at the Mexican Consulate with the Presidente of Mexico. What a classy set up with that flag right? I couldn't get a clear picture but I think that makes it even better. 

Sorry this was so long. The church is absolutely true. I get confirmation of that every day, and it makes it easier to be here doing these challenging things. Please read that scripture, say your prayers, and have a wonderful week! Love you all!

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