Monday, September 15, 2014

WEEKS 16-17

Wow!!!!!!! My heart is so full. I have a feeling I can't put into words! I finished my training. Cannot believe I've lived in a foreign country for a quarter of the year! I have learned SO much. Sooooo so so much. A mission is so humbling.

Yesterday was so odd because at church we were saying goodbye to some people just in case we didn't see them today, because our leaders tell us who's going to get transferred and who isn't Sunday night, then we only have the usual 7 hours of P Day to say bye to everyone on Monday. As I was saying bye to people I felt like no...this isn't goodbye. I had a very strong feeling I would stay in this area, and my companion would leave. 

Last night it was like a strange mix of Christmas Eve and New YEars or something. We watched a church movie, then got into bed, because the calls for transfers are after our bedtime. EASY TO SLEEP wondering where you{re going to live, and who with, for the next month and a half. We got the call, turned the lights on and found out...yep, I am STAYING!!! I am soooo excited! THis area is WONDERFUL, there is sooo much work to be done. Just yesterday we had four investigators come to church with us. And one couple, Brenda and Andres, who I have mentioned several times said 'pssst, come over here', after sacrament meeting. 'We've been thinking since you asked us in the last lesson and...yes, we want to be baptized.' Ah, we all had tears in our eyes. This couple is SOOOOO SPECIAL FOR US. She is the one that had a miscarriage, and her dad recently was killed, and has just been hit with TRIAL AFTER TRIAL. Instead of staying angry with God, she started exercising her faith in him, and in turn, it grew. Andres, he is just amazing. He studied in the seminary to be a priest because his dad wanted him to, but he said it was full of hypocrisy and he didn't like it at all. He will be in a leadership position in the church once he is baptized I am sure of it haha!!! WHat AMAZING examples, i'm always teary eyed with them. OH and they bought us legitimate jerseys from the puebla soccer team! and Brenda said 'you are the first foreigners i have really gotten along with'. We are going to eat with them today!

well I will be sad to see my comp, Hermana Seegmiller go. We are very very opposite. I know we both helped bring out the good in each other, but to be frank it was a struggle some days!!!! Just our form of communication is just completely different an one person would say something, and the other would interpret it completely different. But what I learned form Hermana Seegmiller was to be humble and kind. She was always super worried about being the 'perfect' trainer or the 'perfect ' missionary. And I kept trying to explain to her. I can learn from any of the other 200 missionaries in PUebla south how to contact in the street or what is our role in ward council, any number of things. But only from her could I learn kindness, and patience. One instance that really struck me was a morning after a particularly rough night. Hermana Seegmiller got out of her bed and went out into the dark cold morning at 630 with her blanket around her just to turn the boiler on for ME. She didn't need to shower, but she remembered I was going to. She never said ' i turned the boiler on for you', or expected anything in return. She just simply did this one quiet act of kindness and went about getting ready. This impacted me a LOT. It was tough these 3 months but by the end we became friends. the other day we were laughing until we were crying. and a couple days in study i just started crying and said 'im going to miss you'.  I know I helped her to be a little more at ease with herself, and have a little fun, and she helped me to be a more kind, understanding person. She has changed me for the better.

The people here are just incredible. What can I say? One sweet little old lady that only has a few teeth and lives in a very humble house fed us last week. SHe served us Mole. SHe said ' i remembered you wanted to try Mole, so I made it for you'. Do you know when I told her that? my SECOND DAY. JUNE 25. This woman remembered for 2 months what some blonde girl that she never sees wanted to try from MExico. THe people here are sooo very special to me. 

Tomorrow is a national holiday, mexicos day de independencia, so it is gonna get crazy!!! AT midnight tonight everyone is going to do the grito, or yell, saying 'viva mexico! viva mexico! viva mexico!' add to that a milllllllion street fireworks. there is already a hint today of how crazy its going to be, but I can{t imagine. and then tomorrow through all the parades and craziness we have to get to the stake center for transfers, and i will meet my new comp. I am sure that she will not speak one word of english, and i will miss hermana seegmiller even more haha! but i need my spanish to improve so it will be good!!!

Ive learned a lot about sacrifice this past week, it keeps coming up in lessons, in church, in my personal study. I don't know why sometimes we think we{re going to lose something in sacrificing our lives to the Lord. Al contrario, we will gain a lot. Yeah, I left my friends and family behind, but I have met so many incredible people here, and now I will go back with DOUBLE the friends and family. The Lord will never ever let us lose if we turn things over to him. 

Here are some pictures since we couldn't upload last week! Forgot to mention forever ago we got to go to a weird walmart mall combo type place. they had sushi at a place called SHIRUSHI! i was freaking out excited. IT was TERRIBLE. worst than the worst sushi ive had in the states. couldn't eat more than a couple pieces. oh well right? 

Bad sushi and a tweetie bird cup
Heres us on a pday with our fav family here, Emiliano and Anay, i think ive mentioned them, super recent converts (april, and june) and their daughters, we went to Angelopolis (actual city) again with them and the bishops daughters, pic here

One of their favorite families
we ate carls jr and krispy kreme. the carls jr actually didnt taste that great, the food here is so good im accustomed to it. but krispy kreme was still delicious.

Krispy K
now for my fave pic yet on my mission. at a members house , her daughters birthday. i guess the tradition here is the bday person eats part of the cake. me to my comp ' and then we all eat it still?!!!!' her 'yep!'. that is my genuine face hahahahah

Birthday girl digging into her cake... and Lauren's reaction
At the Food the other day, the little boy in the family ran up to us and gave us this. the house was dark cuz they have no lights, very poor. i was thinking its a wet....potatoe? wow gracias!!! no, its a fruit called Tuna. i think he peeled the skin off himself. when it plopped into my hand i was so grossed out. we left the house and i could see it in the light, and we took this picture. 

Thank you...?
Heres us today. we had an unexpected and SUPER fun trip outside our area (with permission of course) to buy stuff for all the food to celebrate the holiday tonight. its this mercado independencia, idk how to describe it. inside but not? and toooons of people selling all kinds of stuff!!! i saw a pigs head swinging from one of the tents!  this picture is that they put confetti in empty eggs. Anay, knowing i didn{t know the tradition smashed it on my head. I let out a yell. ITS CONFETTI!!!  all over me!!! thats her husband goofing off in teh background. i think you can see the confetti on my head. we were DYYYYING LAUGHING. we bought a ton to smash tonight for the holiday. wow i love it here !!!! 

finally heres us. i bought a mexican bow, hermana seegmiller bought a moustache. also Anay painted our faces without permission, its this little stick of chalk that has green white and red so its automatically a flag. 

hope all is well in the states!!!!! love you and pray for you all the time!!!!

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