Monday, September 1, 2014


Wow I don´t know where the time is going. Tomorrow my 'little' brother turns 20 years old, and this Thursday starts my fifth month of the mission!!!! 

This week was INCREDIBLE!!! I´m so so happy here! We had our three baptisms and it was amazing!!!! Some elders in our stake also had 3 baptisms so it was a night of 6 baptisms- we had to have all the talks in the chapel because there wasn´t enough room for everyone where the font is! I´ve attached pictures. 

It is amazing how the faces of the people are changed after they leave the water. And also their huge smiles when they were introduced on Sunday as members of our church. In Preach My Gospel it says ¨becoming cleansed from sin is being healed spiritually.¨´. At one house we go to they have mentioned that they don´t feel the need to go to church all the time because church is for when you need help, and compare it to only going to a doctor when you are sick. OK, I see where they are coming from, and I try my hardest to put myself in other people´s shoes always. To try and see their point of view from their upbringing and traditions. Because of this, my companion and I always treat them with respect and love when this topic comes up. However, as someone that has witnessed first hand an enormous change in myself by going to church every Sunday it´s hard not go get a little frustrated behind the scenes. I told my companion later that I guess my question to their statement is what if you have a spiritual ´condition´lurking that you don´t recognize, or think will get better automatically? Its half joking but half true.   It is so crucial to do all that the Lord asks of us, including church attendance each Sunday

Our soul consists of a spirit and a body and in this life we often pay more attention to our bodies. How many activities in the day that if we could replace them with eating or sleeping we would do that? We´re human!! In our bodies we are tempted in so many ways. However, we need to work on our Spiritual health, because letting that slip can be extremely dangerous. 

Our spirits have the potential to be so strong- stronger than our bodies. We learn that lesson from the commandments such as the Word of Wisdom and the Law of the Fast. 

I am learning so much about this concept as a missionary. If you´ve known me for about 2 seconds you know that I despise mornings and sit like a statue until I finally can muster the strength to get moving. The only way I can explain getting up at 630 AM every day, working out, and walking for 12 hours a day is that as missionaries we are flexing our ...spiritual muscles, so to speak, in an enormous way every day, helping our spirits to be stronger and stronger, and more excited about the work. 

I have always loved- of the many titles the Savior has- of that of the Great Physician. Henry B. Eyring taught: "It will comfort us when we must wait in distress for the Savior's promised relief that he knows, from experience, how to heal and help us... and faith in that power will give us patience as we pray and work and wait for help. He could have known how to succor us simply by revelation, but he chose to learn by His own personal experience." 

If we have pain, sorrow, disappointment, anger, regrets, or any number of bad feelings in our heart, we can use the Atonement to literally get rid of those, and be better people each day. I'm so excited for my investigators and their progress, but more importantly the bright futures they have ahead of them.

This is Mauricio and his son, Max, who is 9. His wife was baptized in June. They're INCREDIBLE!!!

Happy baptism faces!
 Here´s us and our other investigator , Maximina, who got baptized. On the left is her friend Hermana Sol who I've mentioned before, she has been inviting Max to church for a couple of years but only in the past couple of months has Max really gone and experienced a change. Her sons are 8 and 12 years old and we are going to start preparing them for baptism as well.

Also today we had such a fun P day! We got permission to leave our area and see Angelopolis- oooooh! It´s a city super close to us that I stare at dreamily every night and we can´t actually go to all of it because only part of it is in our zone, but we had some good food and walked around the university, the BAUP, its the extension with all the Arts students- super white and modern- def different from our area! We had a blast! 

The BAUP at the University
Angels in Angelopolis :)
I love you all so very much!!!! Email me!!! 
Hermana Best 

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