Monday, March 2, 2015


I don't mean to alarm you but:

LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF THE VOLCANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken this past THURSDAY in CHOLULA, another zone in my mission. I completely freaked out when I saw it.  Of course this happened super early in the morning and we missed it. Everyone we went to teach that day asked us if we saw the lava. How is it possible everyone was up that early, earlier than the missionaries? I was totally disappointed. All we saw was thick gray smoke in our area later (pic attached), scared me a little bit. But DONT WORRY, they all say that its better for it to 'breathe' like this every once in a while rather than explode all at once. We aren't in any danger, it just looks crazy!!!!

Gray smoke from the volcano
This past Monday was another super fun P Day! A new convert thats our friend in the ward, Kathia took us to another area in our zone called Cabrera where there are a zillion flowers. As someone that is genuinely not interested in plants I was super excited, it was all really beautiful and also really relaxing to do something other than wash clothes by hand haha. One of the greenhouses (er...not sure what to call it?) was super cheap and I bought a cute little plant for 5 pesos. I named it Mark Anthony hahaha and put him in the sun in our house. I also attached a pic of Kathia making the 'Shakira ' plant dance. 

Marc Anthony
Shakira plant dance
While we were there Kathia was talking about climbing up this huge hill that everyone here in Atlixco can see called Cerro de San Miguel (Saint Michaels hill) and I thought it was a joke and told her 'oh yeah haha lets go climb up the hill!' when we left Cabrera, got off the bus, and started going up steep, historic streets  I started realizing it wasn't a joke. But it was worth it! The view from the hill was amazing!!!! It was so beautiful to look out over all of our Heavenly Father's creations. It felt amazing after the long hike to be in the shade feel the wind and see all the beautiful hills and houses below us.

I assume this is Saint Michael's hill
Happy companions
My comp is going home tomorrow! We got the call last night that I will be staying in the area. There seems to be a pattern for my mission: long chunks of time in each area. It doesn't bother me at all, I feel less stressed when I know who people are and where to go. Were currently working on a project of contacting a bunch of less actives. A lot of our investigators weren't progressing :( so were looking to find new ones and praying a lot to find people that are prepared to hear our message. The easter season is coming up and people are pretty set in their catholic beliefs so its going to be interesting.

Cool chapel

I've been really enjoying reading the book of mormon and helping others to understand it. I feel that sometimes missionaries forget that this is all new info for other people and i like to slow down and explain things with them, make them charts, bring them my kids book of mormon, or whatever it takes for them to learn to love and understand the stories. I know that the book of mormon is the truest book on earth, and it helps me in my life daily. I love you all! keep those emails coming!

View from a big clock in Alixco
Beautiful girls and quaint streets
"A big pole where expert people climb up and then fling themselves off flying around. Never seen it in person haha, it's only once a year."

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