Monday, April 13, 2015


I'm so happy! I don't have transfers! Going to complete half a year here in Atlixco, and with my same companion!!! We were so happy! There is so much work to do here and I'm really really excited!

We finally have some new investigators that are progressing but in general we're really working hard and i'm trying to be positive even when we cant see the results of our work.

One experience that really hit me this week is we found a little old lady in our ward that no one has been visiting for a while, somehow she slipped through the cracks. She's 92 years old and wants to go to church but she can't because she can barely walk. When we visit she tells us to sit down and we have to wait several minutes for her to make the journey with her walker into the room. She doesn't want us to help her because she wants to feel independent. She is so sweet and every time I smile at her she smiles so big at me! The first time we went over I told her 'Hermana Im so sorry we haven't visited you, we are going to come visit you and sing hymns and share a message with you every week is that ok?' and she just slowly said ' i really need you girls'.  when i'm in her house i want to cry, she is so humble. she lives with her disabled son who can't talk or hear, and its really hard for him to walk. he's really smiley and we communicate by using a book of sign language in spanish. (whew, sometimes its a little confusing in my head with english, spanish, American Sign language, and spanish sign language) He wants to learn more about God and we are excited to visit this family more.

Another wonderful thing is we had been praying because we need more support for this family from the ward, and Sunday two young women came up to us and said for Personal Progress they need to do service, and how they can we help? We told them Alicia and her family need help!!! That was a miracle. 

Im so excited the conference talks are available in print, im going to be reviewing them and seeing what I need to work on. Understanding the Atonement more and more has been the most important thing on my mission. Its such a deep concept I dont know if ill ever fully understand it, but im trying to apply it in my life, as well as be able to teach others about its healing power. 

Im enjoying every day here, life as a missionary is great, it just flies by even though were busy working!!! I love you all and hope you can review the conference talks, i know youll find new things every time!!!! Atlixco forever!!!

Hna Best

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