Monday, April 27, 2015

WEEKS 48-49

OK this was one of the best weeks of my mission! My comp and I have been working like CRAZY. But not just working to work, we've been working efficiently. You could say its been efficiently fast and furious. Things are also literally heating up here in Atlixco, about 90 degrees every day. Needless to say, the novelty has worn off of walking on the cobblestone streets, were dyin here, but its worth it!!! We have been contacting a ton of people through referrals and its so cool when we go to contact said person and they say something like 'actually i was listening to the missionaries when i lived in the U.S. 5 years ago, i think i have my book of mormon around here somewhere'. coincidence? DEFINITELY NOT. 

We have two investigators progressing, they blow me away! Its a mom and her son, he's 13. The young men are really including her son Brian in everything, 'me da mucho gusto' (makes me super happy) when we popped into the chapel the other day and we saw him there being included in the young mens activity!!!! (he also goes to church on his own, not a lot of 13 year old boys doing that) The mom couldn't come to our ward but she made plans to come to the earlier ward. Let me tell you thats another thing that doesn't happen as often as we would like, usually people just say 'sorry i cant make it'. And she went! She has told us with tears in her eyes that she wants her family to be more united, and us along with the members that have visited with us have assured her that THE GOSPEL will absolutely help her family with that goal. She devotes every single day to taking care of her mom who is crippled with arthritis and cant move, its so inspiring. She never complains, she just wants to do what's best for her family. Please pray for Brian and his mom! 

You can see here some cool photos from our zone training. Our leaders prepared a cool activity where our district leader lead us around blindfolded!!! It was really interesting because our district has been having lots of success and working on being more unified and my companion pointed out to me that in our district we all followed our district leaders instructions without hesitating ! Other groups varied in how much they could or couldn't follow their leader. It really gave me a testimony of how we can all work together to achieve these goals! How we should see peoples potential, and trust in the leaders that are in the church to help us.

Blindfold activity

Hermana Best's Zone!
I read something in my personal study that brought tears to my eyes that I would like to share really quick. Its an article called Christlike Mercy, and it mentions all the ways Christ showed compassion on people. one is when he talked to the woman at the well. In this time the jews absolutely did not talk with the Samaritans. It says that Christ talked to her and that "He overlooked the traditions that devalued her in others' eyes."

Is there something that you feel devalues you in others' eyes? Something about the way you are... something in your past... anything? I promise you that Christ does not care about these things. He sees us not only as we are, but what we can come to be. I am overwhelmed by the mercy he has on us. His love has no conditions.

I am so happy here in the mission! My mission Mom went home!! :( Hna Seegmiller. And I was reflecting on how far I'd come since she trained me. SHe was always an example of love and patience. I love how much I can learn from everyone here on the mission. Thank you so much for your prayers!! Until next week!

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