Monday, May 18, 2015

WEEK 52 (One Year!!!)

Whoa I completed my one year mark this past week!!!!! I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my mission so far. I was also thinking about my life before the mission and it seems so weird (im so accustomed to this now!) I was remembering going repelling with my friends and started thinking how the mission has been like that experience.

When I went repelling all I knew is I wanted to go. Going on a mission is what pulled me out of a dark place and all I knew is that I wanted to go. Heavenly Father kept putting ideas and little coincidences everywhere that let me know I was on the right path. Its funny how the mission is NOTHING like you think it will be. When we went repelling we went through all this windy paths in the blazing hot Southern Utah sun until we got to the ledge where we would repel. I remember I was terrified. The worst part of repelling is when you just have to let yourself fall back in order to start.  The mission was a little bit like that too. Being flown to another country, speaking another language, living with one person you dont know, everything is just a total free fall. 

Once I got over that terrifying ledge while repelling  I started figuring out how to bounce my feet down the wall. In the same way here I worked for months trying to get my footing on all the' new stuff', all the while learning about myself AND helping others.  

Now that I have a year I know the steps. I know how to keep inching along. I know that sooner than I expect my feet are going to hit the bottom, but I still have a while to go so Im not looking down. The most important part, of course, is that just like in repelling, I have a guide. My friends that took me on our crazy outdoor adventure assured me probably 100 times that I wasnt going to slip, I wasnt going to get hurt, the harness was new, etc etc  Here on the mission the Savior has truly been my guide. When Ive felt out of place, overwhelmed, inadequate, or just plain tired He has been there helping me along. I know the challenges on the mission are nothing compared to what He went through, I also know that he truly knows how to 'succor his people'.

This past week we had the privilege of having a member of the seventy, Elder Pino, come and speak to us. It was incredible, I was soaking up everything!!! Oh and my companion and I were chosen to practice teaching....practicing in front of all your peers, a member of the seventy, and the 'investigators' are your President and his wife was a little intimidating haha but it was a great learning experience!!! 

Thank you everyone for always supporting me, sending emails, and for your prayers for the missionaries! We truly are feeling more and more empowered and inspired here in the Puebla South mission. I have seen huge changes in the ward, in our zone, and in myself. These are changes that ONLY the gospel can bring. I know that this is the truth and Im ready to make these 6 months count. CUIDENSE!!!! 

Hermana Best

Happy Mother's Day! The apply doesn't fall far from the tree :)

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