Monday, October 26, 2015


This week was great. We had the movie night. It was awesome to see the sisters outside of the church making the tamales and atole (traditional drink here) since 11 in the morning! Wow they are awesome :) The only downside was that we got to the church at 6 to prepare for the activity. I thought...hmmm why is the ceiling black? Had the church gone with a new more gothic look? Was i about to black out? Nope. They were FLIES. Since 11 in the morning flies had been gathering in the church in one part. That was interesting. We had my comp, the bishop, another member, and I with brooms and mops swatting at all the flies like a horror movie. I'm pretty sure I said 'oh no' about a thousand times. 

The good news is the entire chapel filled to see the movie and we have 17 new referrals aka non members to go teach!!! :) :) :) This week in our other ward we're doing the same activity on Saturday. People here don't really care about Halloween :( 

We're working to the bone. My comp even got sick practically over night. She doesn't even care, she just keeps plowing away. Her work ethic is for real.  

There were no effects from the hurricane here, its been windy and rainy anyway. We're loving working in both areas and finding new people constantly. 

Sorry this is such a short update!!!! Here are pics of me by the volcano in Xalitzintla!!! 


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