Monday, October 12, 2015

WEEKS 72-73

Long time, no update.

I find it so hard to summarize what's going on here! I think this time I'll make a list to make it easier. I love lists.

1) WE ARE FINDING TONS OF NEW PEOPLE TO TEACH. Way more than in the last transfer. My companion is like a lightning bolt, constantly in motion, there is no time to rest, just work work work! She keeps me focused.

2) I feel so at home in this area! At first in Nealtican I wasn't really sure where I fit in with everyone, but these last few weeks I've been able to realize what great friendships I have with them, it kind of feels like my first area, Mayorazgo. We've had some 'goodies', some laugh attacks, some awesome meals, and spiritual lessons. The other day an investigator was reading the scriptures and I thought there were some hairs floating around so i tried to get rid of them ...turns out they were attached to her head and ended up pulling her hair as she's reading the book of mormon hahahahahahah these are the moments in the mission you just can't plan. we were dead laughing. The members are so wonderful too.  I am getting really attached to this ward! oh no! They had the primary program yesterday and I felt like I was watching all my little cousins or something. We are also working way more with the bishops in each ward. HOW EXCITING

3) Surrounding is like a very warm spring day every day here now. i guess were done with that rainy season. the other week despite a small voice in my head telling me 3 times to put sunblock on i ignored it and got burnt to a crisp, the sun scorched me from the morning til night.  pictures NOT included. my current question is if donkeys get mad or if i can touch any donkey i see that might be in my path? There are a lot in one part of our area. they just look so sweet and sad , i want to pet them. don't worry, i'm not going to touch any animals despite how bad i want to. 

ok thats about it for now! I'm still listening to the conference talks i missed because sunday afternoon i got a fever and couldn't watch the last session! they're so inspiring. i'm loving it here on the mission and pretending its never going to end...

Hna best 

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