Monday, August 25, 2014


Hola todos!!!! Another wild week in Mexico!!! well exciting news- we have three baptisms this saturday!!!!!!!!! Agh!!! It{s so great!!!

One is Mauricio, I think i{ve mentioned him once. His spouse just got baptized in June right before we got here. He was kind of being very methodical about things and wanted to read more and more even though hes read the book of mormon and doctrine and covenants and everything. they also have a 9 year old son, and they said we could continue teaching him, but it needed to be for a couple months before he could make the decision. well mauricio and his wife have a Papeleria (here its not like you go to Target and get everything, if you need paper, papeleria, if you need milk, lecheria, and so on)., We  went over to teach a lesson but forgot it was the first day of school and their little store was just PACKED with people getting supplies. we tried to wait out the rush for a good while then decided to leave....we went to the counter to say bye to Mauricio and reschedule and he said ' well...i want to talk to you about my baptism'....ok we were SO excited!!!! So yes him and his son will be baptized this saturday!!!! Also this saturdya is Maxs baptism, i think i have mentioned her as well. She was listening to hte sisters a few months ago but not making any progress. For whatever reason this is just her time. We hope that the fear will flee and she will know that this is something new but someting GOOD and exciting. I have also noticed a huge change in her boys. they are pre teen age and hang out with a not so good crew in te neighborhood. the other night, one of them sat down and read scriptures with us. Max couldn{t see because she didnt have her glasses and he was whispering all te words to her. I was trying not to cry. He joins us in lessons now, it is amazing the affect the gospel has on everyone. 

Sidenote about Max, she is really funny. She looks almost exactly like the actress Wanda Sykes and is always doing the phrases she knows in english like 'silence pleeeease' in her cute accent. Last week we were walking home close to 9 at night in hte dark. there were three guys behind us so i was trying to stay alert to everything going on. then we got a phone call. as i was on the phone, suddenly a hand gripped my side!!! and then i heard a voice say MY SEEEESTERRRRRS!!!! oh my gosh i gasped super loud and turned around - it was MAX!!!! HAHAHAH i guess she had been shouting hermanas! hermanas! and we didnt hear. so she went the english route. holy cow i thought it was a guy grabbing my side. she said later that my face scared HER. and after we taught her about charity she said ' i wont scare Best again then, just for charity' hahahahah

We had intercambios, or, exchanges again. This was even more difficult than any of the exhcanges weve had with the bishops daughters or other sister training leadres cuz this was the first girl that...drumroll please...didnt know ANY english. maybe 'how are you' is about it. so for 24 hours i had to speak spanish the best i could, it was SINK OR SWIM. and i swam! well because i had no choice. Its always good to see how th e sister training leaders do things , good to get a different view of missionary work, and see what I can improve in. 

We have a new game its called 'carpet or deer legs' hahahah because i saw these four shapes on the road, they were brown, with pink at the top spilling out. i said to my comp oh my gosh is that carpet or deer legs carpet or deer legs then as we passed it we both were pressed to te glass saying ' ummmm' then we both said at the same time ' CARPET' hahaha. Mexico is crazy. 

Here are some pictures. This person is looking for their computer generated image of a rat if you have seen it?

Us in a taxi on sunday. from left to right its my comp, the two little ones (one apparently is mid prayer?) are the daughters of the recent convert to my right, and then on the far right another recent convert shes only 14 and gets kind of nervous to go to church unless we pick her up and go with her, no one in her family supports her decision, super tough! you can see how i stand out just a little bit here hahahah...the blonde giant

me in some corn.

Love you all!!!! I have a testimony of this gospel and how it changes the lives oF EVERYONE, doesnt matter age, background, skin color, none of that matters. I pray for you often and love you a lot!!! 

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