Monday, December 1, 2014


YAyyyyy!!!! We are very happy that Leslie was baptized!!!! all of her family came to support her. it was really special. This doesn't mean that were kicking up our feet to rest - we have another baptism this weekend!!! Whew!!! I still have been hit really really hard with allergies, just barely talked more with the doctor in our mission and bought more medicine. Im not really sure exactly what it is in the air or plants or what but its not super fun. Oh well, the work goes on.

Leslie's baptism :)
They were locked out but Leslie went to get a ladder from her neighbors so they could teach her. What a golden investigator!
Well see what happens this sunday if i'm STILL going to stay in this area, or if im off to a new zone for a new adventure. don't have much to report we've been working like crazy to get everything ready for leslies baptism, and now again with the baptism of Fernanda. my class in the district meeting went well and everyone participated- what a relief. My companion and I are two peas in a pod and share the exact same sense of humor.

Two peas in a pod
we didnt do anything for thanksgiving it doesnt exist here haha. i cant believe this month i get to talk to my family!!! im very grateful for them and excited to see them face to face. i love you all and will write more next week. xoxo

Hermana Best

Artistic graffiti
"A guy that walks around with this on his head saying 'Meringueees'"

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