Monday, September 7, 2015

WEEKS 67-68

ALOOOOHA! Thats how they say hello in Nealtican.
No, not true, thats only in Hawaii and its a total doozy.

Well I'm going to be honest, the first part of this week was a bit tough. Yes, GENERALLY SPEAKING as missionaries we are some of the most positive, filled to the brim with faith people you could meet on planet earth and I love every moment of having this calling. But we also have our moments of disappointment and discouragement. This week was filled with a TON of 'he/shes not home' 'come back another week' or 'we really don't need your help, thank you'. One person even added as we left (by means of cornfield) 'and be careful with the dog, it doesn't bark but all of a sudden it'll bite ya'. OK....good tip thank you!

Let me paint a picture for you of the two wards. (And yes, now I know how to say them and whose who) (mostly)

You got Xaltepetl. The ward thats actually in Nealtican (my zone). Small town, our area is LITERALLY about 3 streets. Every time I'm asking for names of people to try to get referrals my comp is quietly saying 'they're members.' haha well I gotta keep asking I guess or we'll never find the people that aren't! I've attached a pic of a banner as you leave the town. Its wishing a good trip to a Mariachi band thats comprised of a ton of members from our ward, they're super talented. The kid 2 in from the left  is our ward mission leader, an ex missionary thats super pumped about the work so thats great! His sisters are in an all girls mariachi band, I'm pretty jealous about that haha, and they also accompany us to lessons and one put in her mission papers! Definitely one of the coolest families I've met on the mission. We have one investigator with a baptism date for the 27 of September, she's getting married the day before! 

The picture (sorry, tried to lighten it as much as I could :/)
Xalitzintla I don't have a picture of because were never there on Mondays. Its an even smaller town , snuggled RIGHT up next to the volcano! Most people there aren't home if we try to spontaneously look for them because they work in the fields. It's overflowing with sweet little old people that walk around barefoot, not kidding. When we offer to help people they have put us to work with some interesting tasks. 

Off the top of my head, this week we helped load a bunch of dead, yellow, plucked chickens by their ankles from a big tub of warm water to a truck where they were going to take them to a party (50 chickens for one party, and thats nothing they say). The sensation was...interesting. We also helped to peel the bark off these weird...sticks? For this guy that makes bread baskets out of it. Super painful with all the bark and dirt jamming into my nails, then it started raining heavily. Went into the man's house for shelter and the power went out. He lit a fire and we realized we were in a shack type thing where he stores all the sticks for the baskets he makes. My comp politely asked if he wasn't nervous that the fire could spread being that we were surrounded by planks of wood? Laughing he told us that of course not!!! Super interesting. We shared a scripture by firelight. The mission is pretty cool. 

Another... interesting task performed by Lauren and her companion? Shoveling cow poop.
BUT AFTER MANY SHUT DOORS I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my mission this week....I was hoping to have some pics from it by the sister still hasn't sent them. The young women in the stake had a ONE DAY IN THE MISSION activity. We started by the 6 of us sisters in the zone each talking about a different theme (preparing spiritually, how to dress, etc) it was really great! Then they assigned each of us several young girls for a mini training. I taught an amazing group of 4 girls and all the words just flowed and came to my mind what I should tell them as far as how to teach! I did a demonstration first, then put them in groups to practice teaching. I felt like an MTC teacher, it was an odd sensation and I decided teaching is one of the best callings in the entire universe and I want to work with youth my whole life! Haha.

Then we went out to go teach a friend or family member that isn't a member of the church and had tons of success! I'm summarizing this a TON but by the end we were all teary eyed because the Spirit was sooo strong the entire day. It was such an uplifting activity. My little young women became my little sisters and they all say they want to go on the mission!!! I hugged the young women stake pres. after and we were just crying and i told her 'it turned out so beautiful' and she was just nodding . It was incredible. Im so happy to be on the mission!!!! adios!!! 

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