Monday, August 4, 2014


"My District- there are transfers tomorrow so people will be different! They are all wonderful!!!"
Wow this week was crazy! I did so much I truly didnt think i could do. It started last Tuesday when we had a sudden meeting as a Zone. In this meeting they told us the next day we would be teaching at FSY (formerly EFY, not sure if they changed the name in the States too?). This is a program for teenagers thats a week long to boost them spiritually. We found out it would be for two hours....we figured that was a rotation...nope, same group of kids for 2 hours. Ohhhhkay! Also, as missionaries we plan in the morning, but we found out the activity would be the following morning. Allllright! 

After that meeting it was just a tiring day. TONS of walking, we paid to get to the chapel for a meeting that didnt happen, and the sun here has been really strong , I miss the rain like crazy (were near the equator, so even when the temps arent high it feels really hot). I also had a lot of bug bites. I can tell im developing a missionary sense of humor (ive been avoiding this) because I joked that after they send the schedule around to feed us in Relief Society, they send a schedule around for which type of bug is going to feed off of me. The mosquitos took July for sure.  A member started freaking me out that they were from fleas because I had touched a dog (I have not done this since, believe me). That night I just could not sleep, I was tossing and turning thinking about the activity, the bugs, it was so hot you could roast an egg on my bed, etc. I woke up every hour. The next morning we did the best we could to plan some way to make our 2 hour lesson fun for the kids. I actually LOVE this kind of thing, dont mind speaking in church or at school..but call me crazy, its usually in my native language! Well we got there and I was just so amazed at all the effort everyone put in to make it a good experience for these kids. I realized how lucky I was to go to dif EFY locations, here they go to the chapel, and they had to divide some of the larger rooms with tarps to fit all of the kids. But it was the same spirit there. It made me even more nervous because I STILL remember some of the amazing experiences I had at EFY, and I didn{t want to let the kids down. We started off by singing the sisters in zion/army of helaman duet, with the counselors, and when all the elders walked in singing it was so awesome looking. Super easy to not cry. Well finally we got to our room and we were assigned....15  year old boys!!! Whew talking to 15 year old boys about religion for two hours in a new language with their counselors watching in the back is literally one of the most terrifying things ive ever done, i was shaking. i could even tell my trainer was nervous. As soon as we got going it went super well. I was really impressed that the boys participated, and they really liked our demonstrations, and even laughed at our lame attempt to be funny in Spanish. When I got out of that room I experienced the most amazing feeling. It was relief, strength, and the Spirit all at once. I knew that I could do ANYTHING , especially with the Lords help. I ran over to  Hermana Dalrymple and of course she took the words out of my mouth, she said 'everytime i do something on my mission i thought i couldnt, i end up being so glad i did it'

Probably after/before/during the EFY adventure with Hermana Dalrymple
Another challenge that I overcame this week was we did splits with the bishops two daughters. This was different than going on splits with the sister training leader because these girls arent actually missionaries so....I was in charge! Just me and an 18 yr old girl, my trainer was in another part of our area. Our first lesson was with a family we haven{t been able to contact since my third or so day here. I remember the first time there I literally didnt say a peep. This time I taught the full FIRST LESSON, I said the First Vision, and was really pleased with how it all went!!!! I know the Lord was guiding me because I didn{t fumble over any of the words or concepts. Actually we left the house and I was trying to talk to the bishops daughter about it and I kept fumbling over my words. I told her ' see!!! i cant actually speak Spanish like that!' I was being helped in a miraculous way in the lessons that day. 

Hermana Best?
Our latest challenge just happened yesterday. we were sitting down on the curb . We rarely do this but it is just tough fasting as a missionary in the heat and we got a call from our landlord. He is getting divorced and needs to move into our house, which means we need to leave. I cant tell you how much I love our house. It is such a sanctuary at the end of the day. Its clean, we have space, its not much according to american standards, but for puebla mission its super nice. So here we are now, house hunting for the SECOND time since I got here in June (this is not the usual). Its really tough moving in a foreign country...with no car....with furniture and a fridge and everything...and the last time we moved, the 1st counselor helped us and hurt his arm and its been in a sling for four weeks and we wince every time we see him haha so...yeah were working on what to do. the key is to have a positive attitude and know that this change is for the better and that we will find a new place. please pray that we can find a new house down here soon so we can get situated and get back to the work!!!

Just sitting on a couch on the curb...
 I know this is long but quick update on our super special family here, the Limon Balbuenas. There was a miscommunication last week and Brenda and her baby are fine! I guess she had a completely awful experience for 8 days at a bad hospital here and they kept her away from her family, and she couldnt eat or drink for days, and they fed the family false info. We went over there and we were SO relieved that her and baby are doing well. THey have a new doctor and she is getting lots of rest. We got to meet her husband,hes normally away for work. wow he is special too. HEs a little goofier than the family, but hes also spiritual. HE had a LOT of questions about missionary life and i think the church has really caught his attention. There were more experiences with him but Ill talk about those next time because this is getting long! Love you all and please continue to email me ! I love my Heavenly Father and my SAvior Jesus Christ. I am being guided to do this work and I don{t ever doubt that.  Mucho amor!!!!

Hermana Best 

"No caption needed"

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