Monday, August 11, 2014


Ah this week was wonderful. excuse any weird grammar or spelling, i always get the bad keyboard at the internet cafe, kind of like how i always get the grocery cart with the bad wheel in the U.S.

i LOVE this area and next month i could get transferred and thats just crazy! i forwarded my mom a picture that said 'nuestra zona', which in spanish means my zone. my mom said nuestra zona sounds like 'a protein bar you can buy in a 48 count pack at costco' ahahah i miss my familys sense of humor a lot. 

we are having a lot of success! oh first of all we found a house the day before we needed to be out its super great and we are still in the same neighborhood. it was so sweet when we finished a lesson to some recent converts and them and the members present were all figuring out how to help us with our move. one loaned his truck, others helpedcarry things, etc. wow we are so lucky to have these members here watching over us. 

The people here are SO spiritually in tune. we have an investigator i think ive mentioned named max. Its really hard for her to gt to church but she has come 3 times now (the rule in this mission is 4 times going to church before baptism usually). I was telling her she had a lot of faith and she says 'yeah but without works its nothing..i feel like i need to do more. thats why im really trying to do better'. WOW. i was blown away. shes a single mom with a bunch of kids running around and just tries to provide for her family. she rides in a camion to the first hour of church cuz thats al she can make it to, then flies out at the end. but she is progressing so much. shes said yes to baptism but feels its a big responsibility and doesnt want to rush it. she doesnt realize how ready she is. working on it. another moment that blew me away this past week was lunch at a members house.the grandma, mom, and kids are all super in tune with the spirit. the 9 year old girl came in from a primary activity the stake had. we asked how it went. she talkd about the activity and then mentioned a video they watched at it and said ' when i watched it i felt something..i dont know how toexplain it but i really felt something' then just walked away casually....spiritual GIANTS here . oh did i mention this girl is also the ward pianist and plays all the hymns without making a mistake? 

my favorite miracle of th week is ENRIQUE . enrique approachd us on the street three weeks ago. he said excuse me do you have information? which as you can guess kind of threw us off. when he clarified ´'info about your church' we wer so excited! i guess he had been listening to the missionaries 5 years ago and lost contact with thm.  for whatever reason the info he gave us that day wsnt correct would you believe three weeks later he approached us i the SAME PART OF THE STREET?! ENRIQUE! we shouted. he couldnt believe we remembered his name haha of course!!! we have been teaching him at the chapel and oh my gosh he is just SO receptive to everything. he wants to know all about the book of mormon how it came to be, etc. we were reading together the brief explanation about the book of mormon and he woud ask a question and we woud clarify and he would kind of do this laugh and then say ´´ok ok´´ and keep reading with his finger going along the words. each sentence for him is literally like TREASURE. he keeps saying i have read the bible but i had never heard of all these prophets (in the BOM) before. he is just a happy soul, lessons with him are the best.

one last exciting thing thats happening is we are going to teach ENGLISH!!! Were hoping to teach two times a week. i know this will be a wonderful tool for bringing members together, as well as meeting new contacts. we need to find a place big enough to fit everyone!!!

well dont have much time today but i LOVE the mission. the days literally fly by because we are on the lords errand and amazing things happen. yeah sometimes annoying or disheartening things happen, but its easy to have a good outlook when you remember why youre here. i am definitely changing into a more patient person. i really like this quote from joseph smith

"I am a rough stone. The sound of the hammer and chisel was never heard on me until the Lord took me in hand. I desire the learning and wisdom of heaven alone."

Everyone is in progress. Don't get discouraged. Pray for the things you can't do on your own and the Lord will answer. Until next week!

Awesome flower
Tortillas in towels in the GAS STATION

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