Monday, August 18, 2014


Big changes this week- we are now teaching doctrine from our church, as well as some Buddhist principles! 

Tons of beautiful plants
 No that´s not true. Still truckin on out here in the field. This week was a bit of a rollercoaster. My comp and I are a little stressed but we will keep pressing forward. One thing that helped me a lot was a zone meeting we had that was SUPER spiritual. Normally it´s kind of easy to yawn at these types of meetings to be quite honest. First we go through a bunch of announcements (tell your family they can´t send beef jerky anymore, make sure your cell phone doesn´t have a ringback tone), and then we go over a lot of goals, and then usually the zone leaders do a practice or role play of teaching, and then we split up and do the same. Since the mission just had transfers (not me, still in training) there are some new leaders and man... they just brought a spiritual strength to the group that day. Instead of practicing as we normally do they had new and interesting activities for us that really helped us. 

"Really pretty house. I pretend Oprah lives here."
One I really enjoyed was at the end, they put us in groups of three to talk about three reasons why we´re here on the mission. It was so cool having the whole cultural hall buzzing with missionaries sharing their stories. I could overhear on my left and right about some people that weren´t sure why they came but now they´re glad they did, some who had family support them and some who didn´t, etc.  I wish I could hear every single person´s story. another part of zone meeting was an elder who only has 6 weeks left was asked to speak about being converted to the gospel. whew the Spirit was so strong. He shared an awesome story about how when he went to the MTC he was a cry baby, he missed his family friends girlfriend, everything. and then kind of his journey of toughing it out and really enjoying his time here. everyone was so inspired. im so grateful for the examples of obedient missionaries here in puebla, south. they help remind me that i can make it through and how worth it it really is. 

Hermana Best using the planner her cousin Miranda made/gave to her before she left.
Also this sunday my companion and I were asked to speak. For some reason I kind of knew that was coming. He asked us to tell our story about getting here. I would say I was about the same level nervous to speak as I am in America. I was actually kind of excited to tell people something that I had written down because I knew finally all the grammar and words would be right, instead of when i´m in their houses using hand gestures and searchign for words. Everyone laughed at the right parts and people did kind of a gasp when I mentioned my bishop leaving my papers in his car and forgetting to send so I think they understood. Of course I cried when I was talking about how Im so glad i finally made it here and a little girl -the one i mentioned last time thats the ward pianist- ran up to the pulpit with some toilet paper hahah oh man i love it here. people told me afterward that they could understand it and appreciated my story. thank heavens. im sure i sounded so white . 

The cat lady
i´ve attached some pictures. its animal heaven for me here. theres a dog I named Dave that I trained to do that.

Dave the dog!
a little hut thing where this lady makes really good tortillas that we sat in waiting for our tortillas....looks like an old fashioned museum you would tour or something but no its her business! 

Tortilla heaven

me with some cows in a short cut we take sometimes. 

me looking like a maniac with our classy water system. in the morning a guy walks up and down the street and yells EL AGUAAAA. we buy it in a huge thing. pour it in another thing cuz its too heavy. then i pour that into my waterbottle. 

me and a family here we are super close with. The mom, we call her Hermana Sol (her name is Marisol so....its kind of like Marie Sol) is like our aunt. She actually comes up to my chin, thats me in FLAT shoes, and her in HIGH HEELS. she always makes sure we have food, always laughs and smiles, always accompanies us to lessons, and always hugs me and encourages me with the language. wow im so glad ive met some of these people! 

more next week! keep the emails coming!

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