Monday, October 6, 2014


Well this week was one for the books. Pretty much only two things happened, I got really sick, and general conference haha.

We got to the members house for the food on Tuesday and I did not feel well at all. Which was really sad because this person cooks the most delicious food of my life, so i I definitely knew I was sick when I couldn{t eat it. That night I had reallllllly terrible stomach pain like Ive never experienced in my life, I was up all night sick. The next morning I got a priesthood blessing and my stomach was fine. However, for the next three days my fever continued to go up and down, up and down. During those days we were in contact with mission President as well as the mission Doctor, and although we kept coming home to rest, finally they said I needed to go to the hospital. Lovely. 

I actually had a feeling before my mission that something like this would happen, only because I am completely terrified of all things medical. I did super well with getting blood drawn. The annoying thing was nurses being really pushy, in a new language, speaking really fast spanish- as if I know all those terms? Haha. Luckily my companion helped me out. 

Here{s me awaiting results that I could possibly have salmonella or typhoid fever (no one scaring me with statements like that). I am laughing because my other option was to be super duper scared and I decided to not let that happen

Trying to stay positive
They came back and said I didn{t have either of those things! I was about ready to run out when another doctor came back and said that I had elevated levels of something rather with my kidney and liver and I would need to stay over night. I was trying to plot my escape in my head because that really scared me, and I just wanted to get back to work. BUt it was decided that I would stay overnight with the needle in my hand to get liquids. I have no idea how to say that in English or spanish haha. 

At this point I prayed really hard for comfort. I don{t know why I am so squeamish about these things but I am. And I just thought there is no way I can do this, in another country, with people doing tests on me. But I said a prayer and when I finished I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I have never ever had a prayer answered so immediately in my life. It was extremely powerful. 

Next they wheeled me to get a sonagram-weeeee mission sonagram! AT this point in the gown and with the gel on my belly it was pretty much impossible to not feel pregnant, which at least made me laugh. Also, certain doctors kept trying to make me feel comfortable by speaking 'english' during the sonagram. 'joo can breathe. eggshale. how do you say eggshale? '  me ' exhale'  doctor 'do that. ' hahahah

Basically by the next day my fever was gone and I felt hydrated and rested. THe doctor told me to rest all week but mission president said a few days should be fine. There are about a thousand stories of sick missionaries healing super fast that I could tell you but basically the Lord gives us strength to do the work, of that I am one hundred percent sure. 

I hope you all loved conference. WE watched it in a members house because I still needed to take it easy and theres a little bit of a walk to get to the stake center. I was blown away that a lot of messages seemed directed at possible investigators, is that just because I am a missionary or did it seem like a lot testified of the prophets and their authority? as well as DAvid A Bednars ENTIRE talk for people investigating the church. Wow, it was such a great experience to feel the Spirit and listen to these messages. 

Things are a little tough right now with our investigators. Theres not enough time to explain everything but we are praying really hard that their hearts will be softened and they will feel that our message is the truth.

I love you all and testify that prayer is powerful, and that we can all have a personal relationship with our HEavenly Father through it. That he is extremely mindful of us and our situaciones, and that he loves us without conditions. HAve a wonderful week! 

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