Monday, October 13, 2014


Received a new rule in the mission that we can only listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Now every single one of my mornings starts with the organ DOOO doo doo DOOO doo HOW FIRM A FOUNDAAAAATION. This song might be ruined for me for life hahah.

Hola hola everything is going SUPER well here. I don{t feel sick at all and was able to recover after we left the hospital super quickly. I just need to make sure Im drinking tons of water, its still really hot here. I miss the seasons a lot, especially because autumn is my favorite, but I know that Ill have a million autumns when I get back. there are a few halloween things here right now, but its mostly just a borrowed holiday from America, Dia de los Muertos es more important here!!! 

This week it was nice to get back on track after my week of being sick. Things are going a little bit better with our investigators. One thing thats impeding us is that I can really see that Satan is attacking the family. We have some AMAZING families here investigating or that are new to the gospel and they have been hit with about a million temptations and trials. 

My new thing is to read the Proclamation to the FAmily a lot. I didn{t really realize how important it was because....well I was a kid when it was published. But now I realize how important families are. I miss mine a lot and always hope the best for them. I know that if we follow the prophets and what we are taught in the gospel of JEsus Christ tha,t as the proclamation says, our families have a much higher chance of success/happiness. The week I was sick we made a ton of charts for new member and investigating families. On the chart are things like reading scriptures, family prayer, going to church, and Family Home Evening. We had a lot of fun personalizing the charts. It was cool to see the excitement of some of these families to put them into practice. I know sometimes its really hard to make time as a family, but when we set little goals, little by little we can achieve them. I know that we are supposed to be families here on earth as well as after this life,and I want to be with mine forever.
A lot of people have asked about the culture here. There are two things to know. First, the food is phenomenal. I have had in 4 months probably only 2 things I didn{t like. I have gained weight for sure, but when the people keep offering the amazing food you just can{t say no!!! Its not like 'mexican food' in america at all. you will not find nachos, or burritos , or anything of that type. Here is one of my favorites, its a tostada. Not stacked too high!!! :) mmmmMMMMm

Next, the people are wonderful. To be honest, sometimes the people look sad or angry when you pass on the street, but as soon as you start talking to them they have the most beautiful smile. Also people here love to joke around, many have had VERY difficult lives and realize that sometimes all we can do is laugh. 

Today for P Day we had an activity as a zone!!!! This is a big deal in Puebla South mission because we normally cant have these types of activities, but we got special permission. It was strange wearing jeans and also very hot, but a nice change for once. I played handball and basketball with some hermanas and it was so nice to move around, havent done that since the MTC.. Here are some photos of me and my comp, and me and my zone. (The picture of her zone didn't make it through, but Hermana Best promised more photos next week)

Hermana Best and her companion
 They are SUCH wonderful missionaries. I think I say this a lot but I am very grateful for the examples of obedient, caring missionaries here in my mission. No one excludes anyone, or says unkind things to anyone here in the mission. We are all united in the same cause, and there is just so much pure friendship and encouragement. 

I love you all, and as my friend Ruben in Mongolia said in his email, i really dont say that to sum up my email. I think about all of you throughout the week. I sometimes laugh outloud at a joke between us, in a super random moment. I pray for all of you and look forward to seeing you when I return. AS for now, I am enjoying every second of the mission! It is the best thing to happen to me and I sometimes get teary eyed when I realize what a blessing it is. Love love love

Hermana Best

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