Monday, October 20, 2014


I only have one week left with my companion and I´m really sad about it. This transfer FLEW by. Costa Rica, you sent me a gem. It has definitely been really interesting being with someone at the end of their mission. I´m sure it's really hard and there´s a million different emotions.

Well things with our investigators are just super tough. There´s no way to explain it in a quick weekly email but a lot of our 'perfect' investigators that we´ve had even since I´ve been with Hermana Segmiller have all ....I don´t know....started to just become different? Some have doubts, some are maybe different people than we thought, and some we are just stumped what to do. It has caused a lot of stress, we are making it a priority to relax for at least 5 minutes before bedtime because from 630am to 1030pm you just have all these people on your mind and we really feel the weight of our responsibility. In the same time, we received some wise advice from a member this week at the food. That even if we say prettier words, or change some little thing in the lesson, or anything like that, its still up to people to change. What a lot of the people in our  area right now are lacking is applying the gospel in their lives and changing. It´s good and great to hear our message, but without applying it, there´s really no point.

Surely this is why President Monson told us at the end of conference to be better. In our lives we are tempted to be lazy, or maybe are scared of new things. BUt nothing good ever happened in our comfort zone, or in a lazy day spent watching TV. We want to encourage the people here to be better, but also to do that with love. Pretty tough to find that equilibrium!!! 

Can´t remember a lot from this week because it flew by. Three people from my district will be going home after this week. One back to Utah, my comp to Costa Rica, and another elder back to the Dominican Republic. I´m not sure what will happen, if I will get transferred or not. I´m definitely comfortable in the ward, know all the people and a lot of their stories, and i love that. Really strange how much like home this little ward in MExico feels like.

Next P Day we will most likely be going to my companion´s old area to visit her converts, so I¨m not sure if I can write, but I look forward to seeing another part of Mexico as well as these awesome converts!!! Be better, and re listen to the messages from conference- in your house, in your car, whatever it is. I guarantee you will learn something new that you didn´t catch before.

My camera isn´t reading on this computer, not sure what the deal is. BUt keep your emails coming.  I love you all!!! 

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